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Solo At The Pontoon


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Hey all... after reading a recent thread i was remembering getting back to tunks park after fishing by myself and there was another guy launching on his own...he was straining to pull his boat to the pontoon after he had parked the car....i thought this was odd at the time but after tying my boat and getting the car etc etc i realised he must have had boat tied off to the pontoon and just clunked in to reverse to hold it off the pontoon while he parked his car (hence why he was sort of straining to pull boat back to pontoon).. i thought at the time it was a good idea all be it a little risky if things go wrong.... so does anyone else do this or was i seeing things???? He was in about a 4.8m tinnie... dunno how it would work with bigger boat/motor?

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Thats a stupid idea mate. The possibility of things going wrong, not to mention the noise, wash and inconvenience to others. No matter what boat went past there would never be enough wash to smash a boat onto a pontoon and damage it.

Thats up there with the rest of the boat ramp antics as far as im concerned.


Totally agree!! Murphy's Law!! Why risk it, keep motor off and just tie it off up front - and one of the corners if need be and park the car.


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If the bloke did have it in reverse he would be in some deep brown stuff if his knot came loose from the pontoon. My boats a 4.7m tinnie and i tie up and retreive solo all the time from Tunks. All I do is, come in and tie up, preferably on the side closest to the ramp. Grab the car and put it in position. (The rope I tie off with is long enough to walk right around from the pontoon to the car) Then you just give the boat a little push off the pontoon and walk it over.

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