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Trapper Tom

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G'day fish Raiders

Thought I'd post my Queenie.

Caught Brampton Island in 08.

Took Mrs Trapper Tom (or more like she said take me on a holiday or else).

It really is a beautiful island and one of the best in the Witsundays if you ask my opinion and I've been to a few.

Anyway we had been booked into a massage aromatherapy session for the day (yuk fingers down the throat stuff) when a call came through to our room from the local guide to say that he had a cancellation and if I wanted a fish meet him in 30 minutes.

Whoo Hoo. Got the blessing and off like a rocket and saved.

Really wasn't expecting anything great.

However did a troll out to a spot where he reckoned we'd get some Coral Trout and on the way scored this absolute beauty. Was from the islands 14ft rescue dinghy that the management had approved him to use for fishing guided tours as it was cooler and no people were using sail boards or other non powered craft so rescue was not on the board.

Had to sit at the front seat with a small overhead oufit and fight the bugger. Line class unknown but wasn't big. Lure however was a Gold Bomber, guide was a ex Barra guide from NT say no more. Fight took 12-15 minutes and we both got really worried it was going to get sharked or in the end die in the fight. Ended up we had to start the motor and chase the bugger as it had taken 200m of line and I had all bar nothing left. Nothing better than looking up and seeing a fish jumping miles in the distance and thinking "WoW thats what I'm on"

After the boat chase, the pump and wind, got him to the boat all bar dead, it was huge and actually upsetting for a magnificient creature that we would not keep (not good on the tooth).

So as quickly as, a photo with the guide, only to save time and I was stuffed anyway, and over the side with the bogan grips motored him slowly for about 5 minutes and YES he came good finally and swam off with no fear from us that the men in brown coates would get him.

Guide estimated 16 lbs reckon around about right, Slinky has est around 105cm and again reckon around about right.

Also caught 4 good coral trout all about the attached size. The resort staff thought they were in for a bonza of a dinner however unfortunately advised them FREEZE EM their coming home with me in the plane (PS gave em one because I'm such a nice guy He He). Note pic quality not good was a spur of the moment thing.

All in all a great aromatherapy session.


Trapper Tom



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