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Missing Boy Found On Hawkesbury


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A TEENAGER who went missing on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney overnight remained calm throughout his ordeal, and was in good spirits when he was found, police say. Full details below:

Missing boy found

Funny what got him stuck out there overnight.....

"He had run over a fishing net in the river, which got caught up in the propeller of the motor,''

Now was the net clearly marked and visible and was it legal?, can't wait for nets to be banned in enclosed waters.

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So how did they miss him. He was only 200m from where he started???

Where was the safety gear including whistles and a torch to attract attention even in the fog. Personally I would have pulled the motor on board or dumped it and rowed to shore somewhere- anywhere as it was pretty cold.. Put the anchor out so he didn't drift ??????

Bugger not to have a rod on board to keep occupied???

16yo old without a phone??? Thats odd

Glad he is OK but a lot of people were looking to no avail.

News said it was fishing line not a net?

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