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Goin The Goon

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Shads Glad, Shads wife was mad, So when I got home Shad was sad.

A quick session from 11pm til midnight. Scored two EP's in 15minutes on the ol faithful Rebel crawdads. Geez they fight well.

I got home to find that management had locked the back door. As soon as I went to slide the door open and felt that resistance followed by click, I knew I was in for it. :wife:

Suffice to say, today the house has never looked cleaner, the laundry backload cleaned folded and put away. then pulled out again cos Things are not supposed to be folded that way.

A herald of trumpets was heard all over Curl Curl. Shads back in the good books.


Women, can't live with em, can't live with em! If weren't for their magic parts I'm sure we would chuck rocks at em. :biggrin2::1clap:

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How did you go Shad?

May see you there tomorrow...(Monday) if you are there!


Heya Jo, the Goon's a 3 irons shot from curly, So sure I am up for an hours session. Hi tides 9.45am so I reckon anytime from 7.30 til 11am things should be around. I find that when the tides washing in at the surf bridge end, the predators are hanging round. Once that couple of hours is over, they seem to disperse and go about their business (shopping, golf, bridge etc) :biggrin2: I'm still waiting to see the school of tarpon that play monopoly between tides :1naughty: . Maybe one day,

What time are you thinking and I'll see you down there

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Guest Jocool
What time are you thinking and I'll see you down there


Probably be there from about 6:30 AM. I'll be working the northern shore.

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Probably be there from about 6:30 AM. I'll be working the northern shore.


No problemo.

I've got a busy day tomorrow so I'l chew your ear off for an hour or so. If time was my friend,I would have brought the purple punt of passion down and taken you for a "Goondola" ride.AAAAHHHHHHAAAAAA :1prop:

It's hardly Venice but we love it.

Then again, we could dress in 1920's gear, I could row and you could sit at the stern with a parasol whilst humming "Day trip to Bangor" :074:

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Guest Jocool

Will if you guys are all keen.... :thumbup: I'll be down there about 6 AM on the northern bank of the 'Goon. As far as I can see on the UBD, the easist access will be from Aitken Av. of Pitwatter Rd as you head toward Manly. If there isnt any parking to be had, I will park across the other side of the 'Goon and walk back across the bridge further down. :thumbup:

Shad...Look forward to seeing you mate. :thumbup: Dunno bout a gondala ride though.... :risata:

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Guest Jocool
ps are boats allowed .


I'm really not sure, but Shad was going to take his down...so I guess they are ok!

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Boating is banned due to polluted water. If you happen to be arrested for boating on the goon. The law willprobably schedule you rather than imprison you. A copper mate says. You're not a criminal, you're just plain crazy!


Read below for some interesting facts

The Manly Lagoon Estuary Management Study (1995) states that

The water of the Lagoon is EUTROPHIC and sensitive to further increases in nutrient inputs.

Manly Lagoon sediment is CONTAMINATED with HEAVY METALS and, compared with Sydney Harbour and Curl Curl Lagoon, has the highest average levels of copper and lead. The concentrations of heavy metals in the muddy surface sediments of the lagoon appear to have increased significantly over the period l985 to l993. On the available data, concentrations of lead, mercury and zinc exceed overseas sediment standards (Washington, USA) over much of the lagoon.

There are 29 Sydney Water sewer overflows in the catchment.

An eutrophic lagoon has limited aesthetic appeal due to high turbidity and the potential for periodic blooms of planktonic algae, including in some instances blooms of toxic blue-green algae. "Apart from visual problems, algal blooms could generate other water quality problems such as production of unpleasant odours, deoxygenation and ultimately fish kills" (Cheng, 1993).


Aquatic Flora and Fauna

There is little habitat for aquatic life because:

The natural vegetation of the lagoon has been greatly modified by urban development and the spread of introduced plant species.

There are no saltmarshes or mangroves and only very small amounts of seagrass which fringe the shoreline in the lower reaches of the lagoon.

Fish species that can be found are:





Tropical fish species that have been found in the Lagoon are:

Mangrove Jack

Giant Herring

Big-eyed Trevally

Australian Bass

A Gondwanan fish in Manly Lagoon Catchment!

In the creeks above Manly Dam, there is a Gondwanan fish species called Galaxias Brevipinnis, commonly called the Climbing Galaxias. This Gondwanan fish, which lives in Curl Curl creek is also found in New Zealand, another fragment of the great southern continent Gondwana. This fish is reputed to be the first fish to conquer the New Zealand Glacial lakes because of its phenonmenal climbing ability. It is a threatened species in Manly Dam.

Macrobenthic infauna :

The diversity and abundance of these is relatively low and particularly poor in the middle and upstream locations of the lagoon. This is indicative of poor bottom water quality and sediment contamination.


The Red-Crowned Toadlet (Pseudophryne australis) is restricted to Hawkebury Sandstone areas in the Manly Dam area. It is also a threatened species.

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Guest Jocool

WOW...for water that is so polluted that it may kill you just be looking at it, it does a pretty good job of sustaining all that fish life, AND the various threatened species!!! :1yikes:

That either means the report is a crock....or those threatened species are hardier than they would have us believe. :wacko:

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Although there are abnormally higher levels of lead copper zinc and iron within the goon. The main contributor to its unhealthy state is eutrophic conditions, in other words excessive nutrients. When you combine this with high water temps, sewerage overflows/leaking pipes and poor waterflow,you get algaelblooms. The fish move closer to the entrance when these conditions happen. Once decent rains come along, the blooms settles down, the sewrage overflows and the system starts winding itself up for another toxic bloom. Thanks to Sydney water and NSW Govt relieving the water company of $30 million a year, this cycle will continue to happen. If NSW govt didn't take the loot ferom Sydney water, they may be able to repair or shut down some of the 29 outfalls within the goon.

Homebush bay is an excellent example of what fish can survive in. As the goon has very limited shellfish, the bream you catch there have beautiful teeth. Everything seems to dine on the abundance of poddy mullet.

The major fish kill a while ago was due to a spill of anticholinisterase agent. (nerve agent) Most insecticides even the alleged safe pyrethrum is a nerve agent. This kind of stuff is deadly in an aquatic environment. Cholinisterase is the chemical which seperates the synapses in your nerves. Its a bit like insulation tape, when the agent infects the nerve, there is no insulation between synapses, messages pass back and forth to each nerve and result in the organism having a fit or dancing strangely.

In summary, It's our pooh and wee that both feeds the goon and kills the goon

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After reading that and not believing it i had a look over the net and found some amazing info and it got me have a good think at where our money is going..... http://www.mec.org.au/water/manly-lagoon.html


Check the university of technologys studies




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