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Fairy Penguins

Trapper Tom

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All fishraiders

Have you heard that something is attacking and killing these wonderful little creatures at their rookery at Manly.

Two were discovered mauled to death a few days ago and more have now just also been found.

Total breeding stock 60 pairs, deaths to date now 9.

Colony loss in a week = 7.47%. Thats a big hit on any small colony of any animal.

Also heard they have now put 2 shooters on the site to carry out a vigal and eradicate the offender.

Hope it turns out to be a fox (and prob will be) and not somebodies dog.

They are great little creatures and have had them flying underwater next to our boat on many occasions.

For those non boaties they literally look like a bird flying underwater next to your boat. A truely awesome sight.

On a more positive note its always fun when your fishing in the middle of now-where with a newbe on board and you hear their little "Bark" (yes they sound like a Chuawawa and yes I know thats not how you spell it) and you say to Newbie:_

"What the hell is a dog doing out here?"

Better go find him eh. Always gets them and its worth motoring around looking for a dog for 10 minutes just for the fun of paying out on the Newbe.

As Fishraiders I know we can't do anything, its up to others, but I hope the Authorities get it right and I know a damn lot of resouces go into protecting these beatiful little guys.

Good luck to the Fairy's,

Trapper Tom

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Yep they have spotted a fox in the area.And yes I had the pleasure of haveing them swimming around the boat while fishng.Like little black torpedos.Allthough I'm not mean enough to trick people into looking for a little dog. :tease: But if I get the chance I'll give it a go :074:

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