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200 Hp Mercury Optimax Issues

Mark S

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G'Day All

I have a 200 HP Optimax strapped to the back of my boat. I have been getting random alarms coming up during a days fish. I find it will go off once under power. I will stop , idle the motor and then get underway and there is no problem. It may or may not happen again.

The dash isn't digital so it I can't get any info. I have had it in the shop a couple of times to no evail.

Any idea's - Has anyone had similar issues.


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had the same problem with our 200hp efi.

It was simply a problem with the warning alarm itself. Our mechanic realised that it would only go off when we were going over other boat's wakes or through choppy stuff, It doesn't happen anymore so I'm assuming the mechanic fixed it, but I'm not sure, he's pretty good, he couldn't work out the problem so whenever he had free time he'd pop down to the boat and check it out for me, really determined to always do a good job, need more like him.

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Hi Mark, find out if the "shop" has a DDT machine for Mercury Optimax engines. When plugged into the engine the DDT will tell the technician the history of the outboard including warning horn occurances and causes. If the horn has been sounding than a code will be stored in the ECU of the engine and should be pretty easy to diagonise.

Hope it works out.


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