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Nelson Bay


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Hey mate, check out this link.


Basically the easiest place to fish is the breakwall, you can go for bream and Blackies however I have no Idea where to get weed from. Additionally you could throw some big lures around at the end of the break wall, saw one guy bring in a very healthy King, but that was probably just a stroke of good luck.

Also make sure you head to FLY POINT at high tide armed with a good amount of bread, it's a good show.

Goodluck, Joel

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Hi Knenny

The breakwall at Nelsons (as Joel said) is a good spot to start. Had success there with bream using Gulp camo worms on 1/32 to 1/20 oz jig heads. Have also seen Kingies taken there on poppers and squid.

Have also pulled bream at the little breakwall at Nelsons where the Tea Gardens ferry ties up.

Wading around in the flats in front of the mental home under Tomaree headland can produce some flatties also. (My :wife: suggested that spot was right up my alley lol)

Good luck with it


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Like the others have said, the breakwall at the marina is a good spot to start. The co-op wharf for bream and yakkas etc. You can flick a lure along Shoal Bay beach and the old game fishing club jetty at Shoal Bay is worth a go. I have caught some good bream up near the mental hospital too.

If you drive out to Fingal Bay the beach and spit out to the island is worth fishing. You can walk out to the island if the tide is right but watch the tides and don't get caught. I sometimes fish the rocks south of Fingal, heading through Barry Park (named after me - not!) with reasonable success on bream and pigs. I usually fish on my own so I don't take chances and consider the rocks here quite safe in the right conditions but not sure if that suits you.

Tight lines!


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