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First Post, First Kingy


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Hi Raiders,

been reading the site for a while but haven't posted till now.

Went out on Pittwater on saturday morning, about 8.30 (meant to be on the water by 6, but friday arvo after work takes its toll in Manly) :beersmile: . I was on my own and headed for my bait spot off Currawong. Not much going on, lots of burly but the yakkas that do turn up seem to be a bit big for livies, just 4 of them.

Anyway, as i'm pulling in one yakka, a squid follows it up.I leave the yakka in the water and grab my $20 rod with a squid jig on it. RESULT!!! decent bait at last!!... Hooked up the squid and sent her down in a spot near one of the markers. 15 minutes went by then, zzzzzzzzzz. I've never caught one of these before , only having lived here for 3 years , but , HELL, they are fun, 3 good runs, lots of smiles and i land my first Kingfish. Not a big one, but at 63 cms and as it was my first, it had to go back.post-10917-1248602119_thumb.jpg

I then moved to various spots with no luck, apart fron them DAMN LEATHERJACKETS :mad3: !!!!AHHH!!.

Called it quits at 2pm and went home .

Great weather, and its gotta be better than working.


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