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Massive Cuttlefish


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How large do Aussie cuttlefish grow? I caught one recently off Dobroyd Reef in Sydney Harbour that would have been 1 metre long overall! I had caught 3 YT at Balmoral but had to stop when a persistent great cormorant made it clear that I would be feeding him or her and certainly not my live bait tank.

My fishing endeavour was limited to a bonito caught on a Rapala CD7 500 metres north of Bluefish Point, a dozen SB's quickly returned to the sea (one 600 long) , 3 FH and 2 Red Bream also returned being slightly under legal size.

Since the north western wind soon became unmanageable I returned to the harbour where the cuttlefish was my only catch. It was too astonishingly beautiful to kill but fortunately I was able to cut the hook away without causing much damage to the tentacle. The cuttlefish had taken a live YT cut off cleanely like a knife immediately behind the head but the bridled hook then impaled on a tentacle. I apologise for the lack of photos and have learnt a lesson that a camera should always be onboard to record oddities like massive cuttlefish.

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Not sure on how big they get to in sydney but a good cuttlefish can be stripped down and used for multiple sessions.

In summer mate you can always pick up big (4-6kgs) cuttles at blue fish point with ease. Only problem though is this is usually the season of the year where most people are chasing the kings not cuttles. A few years back, we picked up 3 of the buggers in quick sucession whilst targetting kings. Kept one for bait, released the 2nd then passed the 3rd onto a fellow raider who was horrific and remarked "and what the hell am Im going to do with this"?

Hey Laurie, Kat got that pic that she took that day?


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