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Kiwi Dan

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Hi raiders,

I have a quick connect steering helm in my centre console. I removed it so that and replaced it into my new centre console unit.

Originally the steering was very easy and you could easily rotate the steering wheel with 1 hand. Now that I have re connected the steering it isnt so easy to turn. I left the steering cable out of the units for about 3 weeks. Some of the grease was wiped off when I put the re connected the cable but not much.

Will the steering free itself up a bit after constant use? Is there anything I can do to re lubricate the cable while it is already connected? I really dont want to pull it back out again because putting it in the new centre console was a bit hard.


Any advice is appreciated.

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I've just put a new cable on my boat.

What I do know is , unless you have the right type grease (Blue Johnson grease I think) then you should not grease it at all. It will gum up and stiffen up your steering and the only solution is to buy a new cable.

You should lubricate the ram that goes into the trim tube at the motor with Auto transmission fluid or even 2 stoke oil. And at the steering wheel end no lube is required if its new or else a very small wipe of oil.

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Hi, make sure there is no kinks or tight turns in cable, disconnect cable from helm, does helm turn free? if yes move to cable, disconnect cable from helm and engine,check make sure all is free.the check rod through tilt tube make sure all is free and lubricated.

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