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Long Bay Ramp


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Heres some pics of Long Bay Ramp in the Eastern Suburbs.

LOCATION: Fishermans rd, Malabar NSW

CONDITION OF RAMP/ACCESS:One lane concrete ramp, with a 90deg

right hand bend at the bottom. Average

condition. Surf rescue launch their boat

here, as do other local fisherman. The

beauty of this ramp is that if you drop

your boat in the water here you are in the

Tasman sea, no having to go through

Syd Harbour or Botany heads. I would

recomend that you dont launch here in a

big South Easterly swell as it can get rough

at times.

PARKING/FACILITIES:Reasonable amount of parking as a lot of people

dont know about this ramp. There are no facilities

here, but thers are toilets, bbqs and a childrens play

ground about 150mtrs down the road at Malabar beach.






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The tricky bit is the 90deg turn into the ocean at the bottom of the ramp, u dont

launch straight ahead onto the rocks that u see at the end of the ramp.

If u look closely at the 3rd pic down, u can see the concrete ramp disapearing

down under the water after the bend.

I have marked it out here.



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