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Bad Day In The Bay


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Hey all after leaving the boat to rest for 2 months we decided to

head out to Botany Bay today, mainly drifting and occasionally

anchoring up ( burley and all ) throughout the bay. We used prawns, pillies ,

squid even threw out live yakkas - zilcho!

We caught 2 flounder and that was it! Water temp was around 14 degrees ,

and after 7 hours of fishing we packed up.

I've never fished the month of August in the bay so i can only put it

down to winter and the cold water temp, in summer we were catching heaps more!

Would i be right in blaming winter ? Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks raiders,


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I wonder if we were doing somethign wrong ? Can't help but feel as though we were ..

Yiasoo Achilles2,

This is the first year I have fished the bay summer through to winter.

Usually I head offshore by July but sincew I'm fishing alone these days, I won't go offshore alone.

This means it's the bay or nothing so I've been fishing on.

I'm still working on cracking the winter code but being the first year of sample data for the winter, I can't draw any conclusions. people like Penguin and Sideshow might have a better idea...

My catches were still at summer level until mid July, when the water temps fell below 17 degrees.

This slowed fish down a lot when using baits.

Now the temp is 14 deg and my catches are more like 5 bream, 1 whiting....

Last week I was down to 2 bream, a pile of undersized trevs and reds and a solitary 55cm kingie.

Very poor - not even enough for a meal....

Only one area has been producing some action and that's the oil wharf. It's a big structure and it's worth prospecting the entire length but you can't get inside 100m which makes it very hard. The hot water outlet has some fish but there is too much of a clash between lure tossers and bait soakers and trollers and just plain idiots that like to drive all around the other boats like it's a slalom course.

You must burley in the winter - no questions about that.

I hope this gives you a bit of perspective but if you crack the code, you don't have to tell us the spot but please let us know stuff like the time, tide, temp, water clarity and any other observations....

It will be tough fishing, I believe, until early september. My records on file begin at that time but June, July and August are still being evaluated.....


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Ela Keflapod!

Top post there and thanks Billfisher, i work for the papers and

went back into our archives to check out water temps around this time

last year and this is what i found

May 30th 2008 - water temp - 21 degrees

June 30th 2008 - water temp - 20 degrees

July 30th- 2008 - water temp - 17 degrees

August 30th - 2008 - water temp - 16 degrees

Septermber 30th - 2008 - water temp - 18 degrees

Big drop July and August with temps rising from September onwards,

usually when we get good reports come in :) anddd when i've caught my

best - September onwards.

I'm sure the fish are there, just much harder to catch - any other opinions ?

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