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Black Bream.


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Ok I have never had the chance to target black bream down south but im wondering if they are as far up as the central coast. Myself and fishing mates have never really seen them up this way but during a flick in the brackish i run into this bulldozer.

Would like to hear everyone's two cents on black bream/Dark Yellowfin/Hybrid

Was catching Yellowfin in the same area that were the normal silver and not dark.



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I think its a yellowfin... A black breams head is usually a bit more round and the anal fins continue around towards the tail a bit more and are a shorter. The dark colouration may have just occured because it had been up the river for longer than the rest of the fish you were catching... A further way to tell is that there are 43-46 scales in the lateral line of the yellowfin whereas the black bream has 52-58, may assist you next time if you can be bothered counting!

Slinky will know!

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Hi High speed metal that's a dark looking bream alright, not a bad size bream either... It looks like it may have been locked in somewhere for quite a long time, probably the result of a sand bar being opened up somewhere or other or perhaps it came out of a lagoon like the fish that would have worked their way out recently when then they opened up Avoca.......


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Pretty sure black bream wouldnt go up that far... they are rare enough to catch in sydney already... have only ever caught 1 black bream in the georges.... btw... i heard there are many species of bream and they can cross breed

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