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Yakkas And Slimies In Botanybay


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ive found i have to search a bit for them i havnt found a spot that always holds them consistently but "the sticks" near the oil wharf have worked for me and are worth a look.


Im not very familiar with the Bay. Is that the wharf next to the hot water outlet?

where are the "sticks" exactly?

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on the kurnell side there is a big wharf and sometimes a huge ship docked just out from it. the sticks are two big red poles that sit about 5m apart and are away from the heads if your at the end of the wharf. my directions are pretty poor but when your out there it should make sense hopefully.

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They are rather scarce in winter - summer and autum is a different matter when there are plenty of places to catch them. A lot of people resort to running around to Shark Island near Cronulla to get slimey mackeral (dynamite bait for big kingies on the offshore reefs).

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My last few outings I found yakkas at the oil wharf, and slimeys can be found at the

Drums, last week they were at Moll pt by the bucket load, you gotta

berley hard though to bring em to your boat.

Thanks for your replies all,

I will give these spots a try, I have plenty of burley so I guess if they are around I should find them.

I know slimies are the bait of choice, but Im actually after yakkas as I dont have a good livie tank set up and yakkas do much better in a bucket. I normally keep a few slimies as slab baits though....

Im heading out to the peak tomorrow - hopefully with a bucket of livies ........

Any other raiders doing the same????



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