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No Luck At Gunnamatta Flats


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Went out for a quick plastics flick at gunnamatta flats this afternoon at 3:30 - 5pm. The weather was fantastic, nice warm sunny day with no wind, thought it would be good to try wading the shoreline and hope for some flatties. The water was very clear, could see some tiny baitfish hanging around the shallows, hopes were high.

The water was fairly cold but because of the sun baring down on the flats for the whole day, i could still handle staying in the shallow water.

Because of the clarity of the water and the sandy banks, i put on a casper clear 4" minnow and did small hops over the sand but didn't get a touch in the 1-2m flats so tried the deeper weedy drop-off of around 2-4m. Kept getting snagged on the weed every cast so i gave up :thumbdown:. I need to get me some weedless jigheads.

I went at high tide so had to wade a good 15m out from shore to get a cast into where i wanted. I should probably get down there at low tide in the summer, hope i have some more chance then.


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