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Sydney Suidding


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Hit the Harbour planning on squid session, so no report of Lake Lyell trout for you Berleyguts, sorry mate. Started to pull up at spot A but could see group of boats at Nth Head. Then I caught a glimpse of the working birds and could not help myself and went over for a look. Salmon were working some small bait but not as active or aggressively as I had seen them in the past. One fishrmen was hooked up regularly on fly but everyone else was struggling including me. This was the first time I have not hooked up on plastics.

So back to plan A and I worked two spots over concentrating on deeper areas for squid for zip. Moved to sth head and bagged a stonker. Ended up with one more big one and three others.

Went over to work some boat hulls with some blades for bream as a change of pace and scored a little trev. Also bumped into Alexit and had a good chat with him, it was good talking to you mate.

Bladed some more but things were slow so decided to give a shallow spot a jig or two. No squid but noticed some fish busting up did a quick u-turn but they had gone down. Through out the blade and had a follow. It was the fussy salmon again. Hung around and they popped up again. Cast a 3" hollow belly and about 5 were fighting over it. Hooked up and this thing went nuts easily toughest fight from salmon. When landed it was hooked under the eyebrow so no woder it went hard.

They all cooked up into some nice entrays on the bbq.


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