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Sun Aug 30th - Looking For A Deckhand


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I have a 4.9 metre boat with and 85 hp suzuki 2 stroke on the back. I have a down rigger, fish finder, gps, a live bait tank, 60 litre fuel tank.

I love to fish for Kings. I have only caught a few but am learning quickly. I mostly fish in the harbour as my boat is not huge.

Looking for a deckhand possibly this sunday. If the weather is good I may try to make the peek to jig for kings. If the weather is not so good, will try the harbour with livies for kings.

I would preferably like someone to join me who could teach me some pointers on jigging for kingies out deep. Someone who would split the costs and probably have their own supplies and food.

Sorry for the last minute post.

Shoot me a PM if you are keen.

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Where abouts in Sydney are you mate?

Which boat ramp are you thinking about using?

if i go to the peek, will probably use kyeegmah. if we go to the harbour, will go rose bay. definately one of the 2 for sure.

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