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Unuasual Fish At South Coast



Went to south coast for the weekend.

Caught 2 fish, first one looked a bit like a bream at first, untill i properly saw it, and i knew it wasnt one

Heres a pic.


And this 2nd fish, to me look like some sort of Trumpeter. my guess was Southern Trumpeter.



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Hey Luke

Did you shake him to make him "Trumpet"!!

True storey and I guess thats how they got named!

One must always appease the fishing "Gods". We have various rituals we do for various fish to ensure good luck.

For this fellow when caught, shake, hold to ear, listen to trumpet and return to D Jones.

He has a locker down there, so that he won't come back to pinch ya bait. :thumbup:


Trapper Tom

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