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Fishing Cairns Marina


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You can fish off the outside of the wall, the north edge on the map, but not anywhere inside. You will see plenty people fishing when you get there.

If you bring a light flick stick, be prepared to climb down the ladders to get your fish, it's a bit of a drop!!

Have sent you a PM.


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Had a heap of fun landbased fishing off the marina wall. Met lots of friendly fisho's. Its amazing to see how differently people fish up in Cairns. All the people I met were using cast nets to catch Longtoms, squid, gars, prawns and mullet. Then they put the live bait on 130lbs mono hand reels. Apparently fishing for Barra and mangrove Jack.

I looked like a tourist using soft plastics 5" jerk shads. Didn't look so stupid when I landed the only fish. 40cm Jewfish. First Jewie on a SP, yay. Hopefully the first of many. I handed around some spare jig heads and SP's for the locals to try. They all wanted to give it a shot. :tease:

Then they taught me a lesson. Got a big hit and when I stuck PING. 20lbs leader is no match for big fish. Sliced through my leader like a knife. No idea what it was but not uncommon hence the heavy mono the locals swear by.


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