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Jibbon Rocks Today

johnny doi

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hi raiders

fished the rocks today with mate josh at jibbon 2day.started off targeting drummer.pretty quiet with only a couple undersize pigs.after about an hour decided to have a spin with a 40gram raider metal lure.cast out to the point on the edge of the wash & 2nd cast land a 35cm tailor.few casts later hook up to a better fish & land a 61cm tailor which is a pb for me & weighed just over 2kgs.good fight jumping a few times.at first thought it was a salmon it was that fat.cast out again & a couple more casts & land a rat king that was 3cm short of being legal[62cm].he goes back to grow into a hoodlum.again few casts later hoook into another nice fish.this one felt different & went just as hard as the last 2.hslf way in it snags me up.spewing,i was stand there for at least 5mins trying to work him out by freespooling then putting pressure back on.josh is saying iv hooked a big clump of weed,just bust it off.after the 5mins i can stil feel tail beats but think all is lost because it snagged.was pointing the rod towards the water & just about to bust it off when the fish swims free of the snag :yahoo: .wash it up & its nice trevally.measured it went in at 49.5cm & another pb for me within a few casts. :biggrin2: after that the action slowed down & didnt get anymore hits & eventually lost my lucky metal lure :thumbdown: .great fast little spurt of action.josh got none which is a shame :thumbdown:

bring on the warmer water & more bigger pelagics :thumbup: ,cant wait!!!!!!!

:beersmile: cheers johnny :thumbup::1fishing1:

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Hi Johnny, that was a quite a good landbased session you had at Jibbon today mate .... shame you and Josh couldn't make it over to Revesby yesterday. I finished up staying down there until dark waiting for someone to park the trailor for me... The rain was about to come down, making last night look good for a session not all that far down from the boat ramp, where the water had been all churned up by the power boats chucking U turns :1yikes: Being virtually by myself, my back probably wouldn't have held up for the walk back to the trailer and the retrieve...

Might be able to take Chris out early on Tuesday, so give me a ring John and let me know whether you will be free to come along with us. I will be able to drop you back home in time for morning tea..... :biggrin2:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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