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Replacing Leaf Springs


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Can any body tell me where to get some new springs for my trailer in the Sydney (western suburbs or northern beaches area preferrably) area. It is for a 385 quintrex. I'll probably fit them myself - thanks rod

Go to a trailer or caravan spare parts stores such as Carasel Trailers, etc. They will normally stock them.

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Mate, Silverwater Trailers, 29 Orchard Rd Brookvale - see Rob, good bloke and priced right. Just did the springs on my trailer.

PM me if you want the number

Cheers, Tuffy.

That would be Silverwood trailers but I would also second that recommendation. Good bloke. Very busy though.

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Mate this thread would be best in the boating section. For western sydney there is a guy at rydalmere also some of the other chains sell both gal and black springs, just confirm load rating and number of springs.

PM for contact details on Rydalmere guy if you need them.

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