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Parra River


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Hi yall im new, short description of my wonderful day on the parra river

Was a bit suspiciou of what the fishing would be like in the Parra river, since i have heard all the storys about how it is full of polution, and all the fish are diseased. How wrong could i be i spent a nice enjoyable day fishing for whiting and let there be no mistake that there are plenty of them in the river, the only unfortunate part of the trip was that they were all to small so guess i have to back soon looking for bigger ones

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Guest Jocool

Welcome aboard Mundy! :thumbup:

Plenty of fish in the Parra for sure. A lot of guys won't take fish for a feed anywhere above Gladesville, but others don't mind.

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Guest fishrunner

well done on the whiting,,, they'll grow! :1naughty: , There's also quite a few good bream up there :thumbup: , welcome to the site.. :1welcomeani:


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