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Hi Fellas,

Like everyone went to Kmart to stock up on some gear. Of course by the time I got there they sold out of all Fireline stock ! There was one reel of 10 pound Spiderwire left however so I got that instead. What is everones thoughts on Spiderwire for spinning on light gear , how does it compare to Fireline :gleam:

Also has anyone tried the new Rapala braid Starlo and Bushy are pushing ? :ohyeh:


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Grant, IMHO the 10lb Spiderwire is an absolute nightmare on a spinning reel but is great on a baitcaster. From personal experience the very fine diameter of the 10lb does not sit well on the reel and loose wraps and wind knots are a constant pain in the proverbial. Fireline is a far better option on a spinning reel.

My humble opinion.

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