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19 Lb Snapper

downriggen dan

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I was down at the farm in SA in Jan for a few days and went out of my way to det down to Cape Jervis and go on a charter with Fleureuo? Charters. We fished for Snapper on the run up tide in the passage between K.I and the main land. We drifted over reef in about 40 to 55 metres with patternostas with squid and pillie and I had a snapper snatcher jig. We caught buggerall snapper except for my freight train of a fish and maybe 2 other at 45 cm (legal is 40). I caught HEaps of these pretty blue devils that were new to me. The mullet had not turned up and that meant the kingies hadn't either. THe skipper claimed they had never gotten kingies under 10 kg? The salmon were on fire out at a great white infested seal colony on these things could have eaten the salmon we get here whole. The guys on the boat kept about 10 huge salmon for fishcakes. All and all it was a good day. The fishing wasn't great but I was quite satisfied. I dropped another huge snapper about 1/3 the way up. The staff at the fishcoop cleaned and filletted and weighed it and it was 19lbs before cleaning.

GOod fishing Dan




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