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Botany Bay 8/6/10


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My friend and I decided to head out on Tuesday for a bit of a fish. So went out with my 7"6 raider rod and 1000 sedona reel. My friend just purchase the same rod but has a 2500 sanora reel both with 4lb braid.

It was the first time my friend ever fishing with SP, so for a starter I thought we would try and go for flathead.

My friend first catch was a bream undersize but he was stoked, cause it was his fist ever fish on SP quick photo with the fi and he was let go :thumbup: not long after that he hooks up to another one this one was legal. By this time I still had't hooked up to any fish yet :wacko: bout 15min later I hook up to nice bream around the 31cm mark.

bout half an hour went past and my friend hooks up to a suspected kingy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz line just keeped pulling of his reel, he was standing there like a stun mullet, as I was trying to talk him through it the line lets go after 5mins.

So as I was fixing his line, I lent him my rod and he catches 2 trevs :ranting2: talk about begainer's luck! lol

around an hour later I hook up to a kingy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my sedona 1000 reel starts peeling off, so I started pumping short strokes and reeling in, as much I was getting in it was taking out. By bout 6min into it he started coming back to the boat, I started seeing colour, at first I thought I was a massive trev, just by the silver flash. He saw the boat and here we go again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz started running again, as he made me run around he boat twice, my friend was trying to net him and I told him not yet he wasn't ready yet.

So after bout 15min he was ready to come on board. Wahooo hi fives and laughing a 67cm kingy landed. one I could take home YEPPEEE!

After such a slow morning for me I started hooking left right and centre couple big trevs around 40cm mark also hooked up to a frigate.

so we ended up with 1 king 2 bream 1 frigate and 5 trevs.

Sorry I only have a photo on my phone of the kingy so I cant post it up


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That's a cracker first SP session...well done...your little 1000 must have been screaming, I've hooked (but not landed) a couple on my 2500 and its crazy....

Yeah It was screaming...... I hooked up to a bigger one bout 3 weeks ago and it manage to spool me :ranting2:

I didn't even get to turn his head had bout 2 more winds left on my backing and run around the marker bouy, couldn't free spool it cause I had no line left :wacko:


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