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2 Very Lucky Fisho's


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Only caught it briefly last night, 2 Fisherman yesterday hit the steel starboard channel marker off molineaux point approx 415pm, throwing one out who broke both his legs. They swam to the point and were attended to by emergency services.

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What about these guys (From the article in the link)

"However, five men were forced to swim to shore after their fibreglass runabout started taking on water about 1.30am. "

I hope it's none of the Fishraider.

I hate to think that the Fiberglass runabout was "a bit to small" for five men !!!

Also note the time .... Tsk Tsk Tsk

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It happened at 415pm....so what happened? Hard to miss a chanel marker but according to the story, another boat almost suffered the same fate earlier. So maybe rough seas? Either way, accidents happen and glad everyone escaped with their lives and sustained injuries.

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