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Slow Day At Tuross Heads And Moruya River Yesterday


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Went out on the boat yesterday, started at Tuross Heads for the first half of the day.

Had the burley out and was using pilly's prawns and squid but barley got any bites most of the time we were out.

We were moving around a bit and had the fish finder running but still nothing.

After 1pm we moved to Moruya to tray our luck there and only hooked up two flatties (one undersized and thrown back) and a nice Bream.

Once again on the same bait and burley.

Usually the fishing is good at Tuross, there were plenty of boats out there and it seemed the others were having as about as much luck as us.

But I guess that's fishing. :)

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The fishing has been quiet down here of late, due to the flush of fresh we had recently. The lake is particularly quiet, but the beach is producing good numbers of bream and salmon. We managed 11 flatties yesterday in the lake on plastics, but it required a lot of casts :( and none of them were really noteworthy. Hopefully the winter fish will put in an appearance soon!



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