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How's This For A Tow Vehicle Raiders It's A 1977 Ford


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Hi Raiders What do you think of this particular means of transport as far as travelling away and fishing and owning a home away from home is concerned...It's a 1977 302 Ford V8 and available at a pretty sensible price with lpg, tow bar and all...Units like this are as scarce as hen teeth and the owner has apparently already taken a small deposit which may yet prove to be nuisance value and although it's good day's drive including an overnight stay on the way up there at least I'll be second in line if the sale happens to falls thru :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:



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looks good!! my grandpa had a ex ambulance around the same model he managed to tow the caravan twice around Aus before rebuilding the motor. if u are abit cluey with mechanics they are a basic set up drivetrain if u have any problems u can just about jump in the bay with the motor and fix it your self as there isnt much electrics like the more modern vehicles so if u way up the parts difference in cost u would be saving a fortune as the 302 motor is popular make and has many spre parts everywere in aus,

good luck hope u get it and enjoy it!

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