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Post Blackfish Challenge Report


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Still disappointed about the blacky challenge having to be cancelled but the water was filthy. Had a look around the bridge area during the week and amazed at how quickly it was clearing. Was always going to hook up with slam354 - Steve, and woodchop - Daniel, to have a fish and was feeling much more confident now with better coloured water. Weed was initially hard to get, especially with the seas up but ended up with some nice stuff from Dean's down at Windang. Coupled with this I met up with Daniel, "baitboy" (AKA netboy) off the rocks and sent him down the track to find us some nice rock weed. My job was the most important, that being keeping a lookout from the very top, plus ensuring I didn't tire myself out (from the bloody climb) for fishing on sunday. Daniel didn't disappoint with the weed and we were set. The three of us met up west of the bridge and found a few fish almost straight away. By thw way, how cold was it sunday morning???

Fished slowed for a little while with only the odd down but once the sun hit the water, and us, thinks started to hot up (sorry about the pun) Fish were now coming in regularly for an hour or so before again shutting down. We move to another spot for an hour or so and managed 3 more before we gave it away. Finished the day with 20 in the bag, Steve kept a few for the table and we released the rest.

Might be time to look at rescheduling the challenge if time permits.



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