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Woy Woy, Sunday 24/4/05


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Hi guys

I woke up at about 6.30 on sunday morning, so decided to make use of it and went fishing.

Took a few lures down to the reserve that runs parrallel to blackwall road, and walked along the bank casting into likely looking spots. Got a couple of hits but no hookups. One very visual hit which got me excited... Cast out over a weedbed and was winding in when the bow wake zoomed straight at my lure from about 5 metres away, and there was a big splash but no hookup. Oh well. Returned home at about 9.30 and nobody was out of bed yet, so I got my bait traps out and went to try and catch some poddy mullet that I'd spotted for an afternoon session. The little buggers wouldn't play the game and I went home empty handed... again.

That afternoon I went to Ettalong beach with the family at about 4pm for a relaxed fish on the sand. I got one 26cm bream, and my brother got a beauty. It was longer than the ruler we had but I estimated it to be around 37cm. He got it on a tiny little hook that I would probably only have used for catching yakkas. I was going to tell him that he should be using a bigger hook, but then I looked at the scoreboard and kept my mouth shut :wacko: . Both fish were caught on squid.



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Gday Tim - sounds like the day ended well. Whereabouts on Ettalong beach did you get the bream? I have fished a couple of spots along that beach, mainly the southern/open end, and only ever picked up a few flatties.




Hi Simon

That's where I was. The southern end about 100m up from the bar. I think there must be a patch of reef there, as I got snagged a couple of times.

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