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Tackle Maintenance Forum Changes

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Hi Fishraiders,

We've done some work to improve the Tackle Maintenance forum. It's been very poplular but with the number of tutorials and how-to posts being pinned in the forum it was starting to get a bit messy.

Tutorials for specific reels have been moved to their own sub-section (you can look them up by brand). As more are done, they'll be added to here.

There is also a new sub-section for other tutorials, tips and useful reference material. All in all, it hopefully starts to build and easy to use library of the sort of stuff members might want to go back to from time to time.

Only Admin and Moderators can post in the tutorial sub-sections but please share anything you think might be of interest in the main section of the Tackle Maintenance forum. Anything suitable will be moved after members have a chance to add their comments, to the relevant tutorial section. Any new tutorials will also spend some time in the general section before being moves so everyone who wants to can add comments first.

Hope it's an improvement.

Cheers, Slinky

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