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Beach Fishing?

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I really want to start getting into beach fishing, but ive only had two or three experiences. I would love to catch a Salmon or even a Tailor, but i dont really know much about the gear i should use or even what the hell a gutter is?

So my questions are:

1. Where should i cast for Salmon and Tailor?

2. A good beach close to Drummoyne (not like up Central Coast or Broken Bay!) i could target one or both species at?

3. Line poundage?

4. Braid or Mono?

5. what is a gutter?

Cheers, Zac

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Well you've got the gear Zac - you just need to get out there and use it!

All of the Sydney beaches will produce Salmon and Tailor at times, and a pilchard on gang hooks lobbed out on a paternoster rig in the afternoon/evening will not last long. Personally I have caught big Salmon off the beach at Coogee, Bronte, Maroubra and Cronulla, and several good Tailor from Maroubra.

The trick is to pick a beach with some waves, but not one where the surf is out of control. You want to pick a spot close to either end of the beach where you can see that there is at least a metre of clear green water underneath breaking waves - i.e. a spot on the beach where the water has a bit of depth and the surf is just sweeping over the top of it. Forget about 'picking' gutters - just look for the deeper water close to shore and chuck a pilchard into it.

I'd honestly be amazed if you spent more than an hour with a bait in the water without hooking one of your target species.

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