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Whitsunday Trip


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We have just come back from the Whitsundays.What a fantastic part of the world.We meet up with our friends Alan & Rosanna who live in Townsville.We meet in Arlie Beach and took out a 38 foot twin hull motor boat for 7 nights.We stayed at a different location each night.We encountered all kinds of weather,We had a ball swimming hiking,and fishing.On the fishing front it was not great, we caught lots of reef fish most were let go.I must say that Green zone are a pain in the butt.You have to check your map all the time to see if you are breaking the law by fishing in a no fishing zone.i was pleased that my first cast with my new rod i got off Swordy landed me a nice 40cm Coral trout.Went great on the barby with the garlic and chilli prawns.Also i managed serveal new spiecies.Coral Trout,Red throat Empirer,and a 60 cm turtle. we saw whales,and a marlin swimming on the surface at the back of Hayman Island.In all we covered just over 300 klm on the water.Then it was back home and have been in track pants and ugg boot since.Would do the trip again and the company we used were so helpfull.

Cheers Stephen (Reggie the Rabbit)

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