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Definitions - Lbg And Cubing


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Hi all,

I've been reading Fishraider for some time now, and two terms still stump me.

Can anyone tell me what LBG stands for? ( light bait game, live bait grinding, light beer gas...)?

The other one is cubing. I hear people do a lot of cubing, especially out deep and for tuna. But what is it?

Sorry guys, I have searched the web and come up with nought. Appreciate it if you can fill me in.



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hahah...not quite...

LBG = Land Base Game

Cubing is a burley strategy. rather than doing one big burley, you make your burley into cubes, and drop 1 every so often.

Goal is to make a burely trail and eventually attract the fish. There's a few clips on youtube if you type cubing in...

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