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Fishing At Picnic Point, Georges River


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Had a few hours to spare in the afternoon today so decided to go off to picnic point with some mates. First time there as well.

Decided to go up the rocks. saw a few blokes sitting on the glassy area but still decided to go up the rocks. there was a lot of people on the rocks, it's such a mission getting up there. pretty dangerous i thought :S. well sat there for a few hours with the boys. used peeled prawns at the start. heaps of tiny nibbles and pulls but never really big hits. caught a few breams but all undersized so all went back. tried plastics when we were about to leave and no hits.

all up quite quiet afternoon. didn't see anybody else pull out anything so was disappointed but had a good time with the boys.

Sorry no photos cos undersized fish weren't worth taking pictures off lol.

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The best baits ive found to be off those rocks are by far squirt worms which u can pump from the river. Also small black crabs will catch BIG bream if u leave them there long enough and not cop a snag. Live poddy mullet will get u in with a good chance at a jew but may be a mission carrying them in. It can be quite snaggy there unfortunatley.

Always good fun just to be out though.


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