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hi raiders

went to BLACKDOG reef today and locked on to 2 kingies 1st up (93 and 92 cm)

then proceded to get rats

then moved a bit further off the reef and on the 1st drop nailed a 1m kingie :thumbup:

sorry boys and girls im computer ileterate

got some photos so i will put them up tomorrow

cheers browndog

post-5479-069613300 1287905813_thumb.jpg

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hi raiders

g'day MR Squid. the reef is actually called DEEP SOUTHERN. it is about 12Kn S\E off the tweed bar. got a heap of AJ's there over the last couple of weeks. But couldn't pull one yesterday. much to JH's delight as i only have 1cm on him.[slinky don't worry i will leave him home]. This reef has been on fire for a while.Headed up north to try another spot [8Kn] good mark but only produced just legal pearls.Anyway here's a couple of pictures:

post-5479-035785300 1287904871_thumb.jpg

Hi Browndog,

In what general area is blackdog reef as i have never heard of it before. Nice kingy by the way.

Cheers Squidy

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