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Evans Head Jugging


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hey guys how r you just a quick fishing report from today.

so started at evans head at around 3:30 this morning and headed to the bar and straight to a little wreck to get some snapper , well that went well for the first hour bagged a few nce fish but nothing worthy of a photo. all of a sudden the rats moved in and couldnt get down to the reds. seeing the rats were in closes decided to hit a few spots in 48 fathoms. first drop and all three of us are on with only a few jigs of the rod. this went on all day and produced some great fish. no need to say anymore as these speak for themselves

post-15864-039936000 1287911563_thumb.jpg

post-15864-089321600 1287911575_thumb.jpg

post-15864-057795700 1287911592_thumb.jpg

post-15864-029357300 1287911602_thumb.jpg

post-15864-009535900 1287911615_thumb.jpg

post-15864-024318800 1287911631_thumb.jpg

post-15864-074972800 1287911642_thumb.jpg

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a few more pics aswell as a bit of a wrap. we used the newish wilson live fibre venom jig sticks on the day in 350 and 450 models and they were a joy to jig with being light weight and a soft taper would reccomend them to any one, there is a few pics below of them loaded up

post-15864-064400600 1287991897_thumb.jpg

post-15864-065279600 1287991908_thumb.jpg

post-15864-058843500 1287991930_thumb.jpg

post-15864-078539400 1287991959_thumb.jpg

post-15864-094713300 1287991974_thumb.jpg

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