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Broken Bay Fishing


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That's a very open question. You can catch a multitude of species in the bay. Jew fish, Flathead, Bream, Hammerheads, Rays, Salmon, Tailor, Flounder, Reef fish the list goes on. Drift from Barrenjoey head for Flounder and Flathead. Anchor around box head for Bream and reef fish. Drift Ettalong beach for whiting and Flathead. Drift between Lion island and Pearl beach for Hammerheads. Drift between Flint and Steel and Patonga for a range of fish. Watch for birds feeding for the schools of Salmon, Bonito and Tailor. Hope that gets you started.

Regards Jeff

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Hi guys im just wondering about fishing broken bay..I have never fished there before just needed some info on where and what kind of fish there are, i really appreciate any help

Many thanks

Mate - great place to fish.... caught a heap of Salmon there in the last few weeks. Have caught Hammerheads, Trevally, Bream and Tailor - definately give it a go.

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