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Berowra 24/10/10


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Hi raiders,

Just a quick report from Berowra on Sunday.

Shot up to Milson Island to drop some crab pots then went back upstream and anchored up to catch some flatties. Fishing was pretty slow and only managed one 56cm flattie on a salted pilchard cube and a few undersized ones on plastics.

post-14559-097045800 1288004202_thumb.jpg

And although having the crab traps out all day I managed a big blue swimmer on a pillie while fihing for flatties and none in the traps.... go figure :wacko:

post-14559-082805300 1288004235_thumb.jpg

Ps: If anyone has any tips on cathing crabs that they would like to share it would be much appreciated. I'v only just started and haven't had much success so far

Cheers, Jordan.

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