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Service Centre - Shimano/daiwa


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G'Day Crew,

I know that Shimano have a service centre in Sydney (need to find address) but do Daiwa?

The shimano needs to be serviced, has a "tick" at the same point in handle rotation and the left handle thread is stripped (note dont lend out gear).

The Daiwa's are both about 1 year old and have not been professionally serviced.

I might sell both Daiwa's and stick with Shimano, easier to get serviced?

Note, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS lightly rinse the reels after use, oil the roller/handle bearings, wipe them dry and spray a light coating of Innox on the exterior. They look like new, but I like to keep my gear in top condition and dont have the confidence to do it myself.

I also just purchased some Cal's grease and Oust oil, thinking of "servicing" them myself, but getting hold of gear,washers, thread replacements would be difficult??



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Both Daiwa and Shimano have service centres in Sydney, contactable through their respective websites. Both are very good.

Global Tackle also service reels.

If you're thinking about reel brands based on service support then seriously give any of the reel brands sold by Pure Fishing a go. I don't say that because they're a site sponsor but because everyone knows I'm an avid Abu fan... one of the reasons is the amazing service and parts support from Pure Fishing.

You can get quotes for parts from any of the dealers.

Cheers, Slinky

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G'Day Slinky,

Thank you very much for your reply. I am off to the service centre's today. Hopefully all will be good.

I am certain that with your fantastic posts about "home" servicing I could do it myself just need the confidence.

I have two ABU 6500C overhead reels here which I no longer use, one is missing a screw for the level wind but other wise are in good condition if you are interested in restoring them for yourself?

Let me know.

Kind regards,


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