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Bonna Point


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Hi all

went for a flick yesterday down at bonna point with lureking to try and catch a few flaties for fun and also to try and brake the 70cm mark. Armed with my sicstik and new ci4 loaded with 6lb fins and 8lb fluro and a 4in powerbait minnow in watermelon and lure king with his t-curve and ci4 with the same line armed with a lucky craft tango. The tide was dead low just about to turn ficked for 20min or so then bang! Im on only just leagle but fat as so back he goes.went quiet for a while the i felt a tap then nothing wound my line in only to find half my tail gone dam choppers. So i changed lure to a squidgie fish in killer tomato and lureking changed from the tango to a strikepro cyber blade. With in five casts i was on again another leagle male flattie so let him go. went quiet for the next hour so lure king started to wade out a bit deeper told him that if the wind stopped and the sun started to shine the fish will get a bit more active. The sun came out and the wind stopped and bang! im on this time the fish pulled a little harder and up pops a whiting shocked me a bit for some reason, it was caught on a tt gost blade. By this time lureking is about 200 meters away in waste deep could just see he was on after a long wade back to me and shore up pops a 57cm flattie with a fat belly perfict eating size so lureking goes off to clean the fish i go off and ended the day with another 2 flatties both let go to grow bigger. Good day out.

P.s the flattie that we kept had a hole squid in its belly

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