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14' Snapper Rod Finished.


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Finally finshed the last of 3 project I have been working on, a 14' snapper rod for chasing big red from the stones. The rod has come up a treat. Really happy with the finish and look, and will be even happier to get such a long rod out of my 2 bedroom unit. Blank is a pacific composites SU 7153 100-150gm cast weight. All components are ALPS in chrome and or cobalt blue. Grips are cord under with X patterned heat shrink over. Grip setup is to suit an overhead reel. Madeira thread, (3 colours of blue) with metallic silver and cobalt blue trim bands to tie in with the guides.

Should be good with a nice big snapper pulling on the other end. You may even see it in the pages of Fishing Monthly NSW some time :thumbup: .

post-14508-081859200 1288697699_thumb.jpg

post-14508-037434200 1288697729_thumb.jpg

post-14508-049290400 1288697772_thumb.jpg

post-14508-060647800 1288697793_thumb.jpg

post-14508-050043600 1288697818_thumb.jpg

post-14508-079120100 1288697852_thumb.jpg

post-14508-047215100 1288697895_thumb.jpg

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Good one Hodgey, this is my 1st paid rod (the rest have been slab of beer jobs). It for a very keen snapper fisho off the rocks, He collected it last night and was stoked with how it turned out.

By the way mate, it really was this big :icon_peace: !!!! Come in, I'll show you pics!!


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