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Glenbawn Weekend


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Just had the best weekend at Lake Glenbawn that i can remember,the dam is at 79% and bass where smaking spinnerbaits, jackalls and the odd topwater lure aswell.

The great thing was that the 6 of us must have changed the date 3 or 4 times, looks like it all worked out ....glassed out lake for both days.

Thanks again,Don,joe,mick,billy and stevo...im sure they will add there own photo's aswell.

post-156-051715400 1288737607_thumb.jpg

post-156-094180500 1288737622_thumb.jpg

post-156-077713000 1288737638_thumb.jpg

post-156-097765400 1288737653_thumb.jpg

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Wow Jorgi what great fish,cant wait our little party will be there in a couple of weeks.Hope the weather is kind to us as well.I have been told i am in for a shock when that first Bass hits the lure.Cheers Stephen (Reggie the Rabbit)

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Nice one Snaggy, looked like a great weekend in the end!

Didn't take the kids?


Nar Greg kids and wife dearest stayed home,just a boys weekend :beersmile::1fishing1: .

Stephen i was using 12lb leader and the rod still felt as if it was going to be ripped from my grasp. :thumbup:

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Nice bass and yella!

Caught some nice fish up to 43cm last month at st clair.

Do you mind if i ask what colour spinnerbait and jack you were using?

Cheers Bob.

Without giving away to much because there is a GF on this weekend, natural coloured spinnerbaits and AYU and Gold Jackalls did the trick.

For those going to the GF this weekend, just some advice...if you find snot weed your in the wrong place.

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Snag - love your work :thumbup: . I love the way Bass hit the lures and I reckon I need to find time to spend a weekend on the Hunter Valley impoundments.

Mate i can tell you it's the best :thumbup: ,also id so mid week as the next few mths are all taken by comps in one way or another.

Nothing like a 40+bass smashing your lure, and if the water stay's at 79%+ full next year will see some 50+cm bass go right off. :yahoo:

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Thanks for the tip, I'm not into the comps just learning.

Last month was my first trip chasing bass and though the weather wasn't to good the fishing was excellent.

We caught about 30 bass mostly 30 to 36cm on stiffy devil fish vibes and stiffy fat one in the phantom & prowler (purple)colours.

Good luck in the GF.

Cheers Bob.

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