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Lane Cove Weir Sharks?


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Hey raiders,

doing my general searching over the net, i've found a few articles mentioning sharks around the weir in the lane cove river... is this true? has anyone actually caught them or seen them? if so are they the general 1m size you would expect i know that area holds alot of mullet and i'm guessing they feed on them.. any people that reguarly fish that area if you have any info i'd be greatly appreciated.... be pretty cool footage to add to the dvd im making... sharks that far up river....

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Wouldn't surprise me dude, I've seen decent size bulls all the way up to Parramatta weir and someone has actually been attacked there in the past

those buggers you can find pretty much anywhere at any time, general rule of thumb is if the water is connected to the ocean in some uninterrupted matter (IE no weirs blocking it) its bull territory especially when it warms up

I've even heard reports of mates seeing bulls all the way up the hawkesbury to Penrith weir!

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