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Tilt And Trim Motor For Suzuki Dt 85 1883 Model


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Well I did some trouble shooting on the old Suzuki DT 85 Tilt and Trim system.

The electrics turned out fine, relays were both outputting 12.5 V when trim switch flicked into up and down position.

It looks like the motor has had it. I'm assuming that its a dead motor because it doesn't make any whirring noise. It just clicks and then silence.

Even though there is very little oil in the system I assume the motor should still spin?

Here are some pics from the manual, has anyone got a spare motor or know where I can pick one up (Huey)?

post-3761-011422300 1288830026_thumb.png

post-3761-075146800 1288830032_thumb.png

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I would not assume its the motor yet.

Cut the wires running to the motor and with a set of jumper leads connected to the battery apply direct power and see if the motor runs. This will tell you if the motor is faulty or you do not have enough current to run the motor.

Do not run it long like this it will heat up very quickly. Just test it for a few seconds.

I have an evinrude with the same symtoms as well.


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Thanks Kingpig.

Good point, should of tried that (so much for 4 years of elec engineering at uni)!

What I'm not sure is how it should sound if the motor is fine. Will it spin even if there is a problem in the hydraulics or could there be a problem with the hydraulics and hence the motor stalls.

Maybe I should disconnect the motor from the hydraulics and try again to rule out any other issues first.


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Not looking too good :(

Attached the battery direct to trim motor...

CLICK, CLICK then silence. Disconnected all the hydraulic hoses just incase there was a blockage and hence hydraulic stall. Nope, still not pumping.

Might be able to get a replacement PT 112N-NP from the US for about $600. At least the AUD $ is near parity.

Does anyone have an old motor destined for the scrap heap, maybe I can buy your tilt and trim...

If Huey is out there can you source spare parts like this in OZ?


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