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Hawkesbury & Broken Bay


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Will be fishing the Hawkesbury and Broken Bay area next week

Forecasts are for wet weather.

Any tips for fishing in these waters when there is allot of fresh water.

Have fished in some deep holes in Cowan Creek before when there has been lots of rain but with little success.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hey Pine welcome aboard!!!! Havent fished for a while but Broken Bay can be frustrating!!!! Try drifting south side of Lion Is or around Dark Corner for flatties. Taste fantastic from around there. Good luck and wish you luck!!!!


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I've fished in the hawkesbury around brooklyn regularly (well, during the warmer months anyway) for about 15 years.

The first 7 years were spectacular. Regular, great fishing almost anywhere you threw a line. Bait was almost optional.

The last 8 years brings tears to the eyes. Almost nothing mostly. Occasional flattie/bream/jew every 2nd trip but nothing like it used to be.

I don't know about Broken Bay and Lion island though... hire tinnies don't go that far. We always look out there jealously but I suspect it might be a grass-is-greener thing? Or is that really where the decent fish are now?

I guess I'm saying don't waste too much time in the river and get out in the bay as soon as weather allows.

good luck! ;)

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Depends on type of boat you have. Drifting across the sea side of Lion island you will pick up flounder and flathead. Ettalong beach straight out from the surf club is a good spot to try for whiting, tailor and flathead. The fresh water in the system doesn't affect these

spots. The vines is another spot that produces some thumper bream. Mullet gut is the best bait there as it will be heavily coloured, don't drift it, pick a good spot and anchor up and burly with a good smelly burly. There's a deep channel that runs along there and if you get your trail working properly the bream will come so be patient as I have fished it for a couple of hours before anything happens. Remember the burly is to attract them not feed them or take them away from you so the golden rule applies ( a little often). Hope you get a feed and have some fun.

Regards Jeff

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