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Soft Plastics


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Hey guys :)

Im heading down to the local fishing tackle shop shortly to go and buy new tackle .

I am mainly going down to buy some soft plastics & I was just wondering if anyone of the site may know which ones are working best for Flatties of late & Also what size jig head etc .

Cheers , Rhys :1fishing1:

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Killer tomato squidgy fish for me to, 90% of the lizards ive caught in the Botany Bay over the last 6 weeks have fallen to them.

Also shaker paddle tail plastics, pink/green mix

1/8 head size- 2,0 and 3,0 is a pretty good all round jig head for water between 2-5m, If your in the shallow stuff 1/16 is another good choice.

I like a bit more weight so i can get the futher cast in and cover much more area per cast.

Mick :beersmile:

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