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Boy Vs Shark On Adelaide Beach


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Hi Raiders,

One of my favourte types of fishing when i lived in Adelaide was going for bronzies...

This kid has got a 8 foot or so one from the beach! Adelaide beaches are really shallow and no surf

so you woudl see the fin the whole fight hence the crowd.


Report from The Advertiser:

WOULD you go out in the water this summer? Nick Anderson certainly would, even after hooking this 3m bronze whaler off the Henley jetty this morning.

The teenage sports fisherman from Fairview Park spent five hours battling the shark before bringing it into shore off Henley Beach in front of a 150-strong crowd of squealing onlookers.

"I hooked it about 7am, just fought it till about now," Nick, 15, said.

He used a whole snook for bait.

"It ran for about a kilometre, nearly spooled me, I finally got it back in, got it on the beach, tail-hooked it and got it in."

But Nick, 15, had no plans to keep the shark.

"I just wanted to take a photo and get rid of it ... I wanted to let it live," he said.

Though he prefers fishing to swimming, Nick said the spectre of sharks would not keep him out of the water.

"Nah, bronzies are harmless," he said.

Primary Industries and Resources SA Fisheries regional operations manager Peter Dietman said it was legal to catch sharks off jetties and metropolitan waters as long as only fish or seafood products are used for bait and berley - part of SA legislation.

"The reality is, as long as he's not using any meat products, as long as he's using fish, it's legal to fish for shark," Mr Dietman said.

"The berling requirements are you can't use blood, bone, meat, offal or skin of an animal or bird."

However, he said fishermen and women should be aware of onlookers and treat their catch as humanely as possible.

"We certainly don't encourage taking shark off metropolitan beaches because of public safety but it's not unlawful and they need to be as humane as they can to keep the fish.

"All sharks are potentially dangerous to humans, that's why people who want to catch them should exercise extreme caution."

After watching his catch swim away, Nick said it was time for some bait of his own.

"Off to get something to eat - hopefully (fish and chips), I'm famished."

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