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Kurnell Trevs


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Just a quick report before I crash for the night. Took the boys out early today since they missed out on the last few outings due to the unpredictable weather. I had been doing alright with trevally recently and the boys were dying to get into the action. So, as it typically happens, No 1 son takes a nap on the boat and says 'wake me up when you start catching fish, Dad.' Took a while to find the school but when I did, No. 1 son wakes up, gets his rod, makes a few casts and lands a few. No. 2 son did not manage to catch one on his own but I let him reel one in for fun anyway.

On one of the many drifts we did, No. 1 son gets one that goes beserk! I though he had loosened the drag on his reel so I checked it - found it was okay and tightened it some more. This trevally did all the usual tricks, doing circles around the boat and zooming off each time it saw the net. It was a monster and when it was finally in the net, we all jumped for joy.

post-3388-046730600 1289126189_thumb.jpg

It turned out to be 52cm in length and after a few quick photos, was put back in the water, revived and released.

Hope everyone else had a good day on the water. The winds picked up later in the morning so we packed up and headed home.

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Geees :1yikes: are you sure he wasn't chucking Halco Haymakers on Jewel Reef with GregL and landed a GT....what a Cracker....Get him registered on Raider and submit it up for Purefishing FOTM, can't hurt....

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WELL done, thats a WOPPER of a trev......

WHATS going on, your kids are catching all the big ones....

YOUR kids must be very happy to have a father, like yourself....

Keep the report coming....

Looks like i will need to hit Botany Bay soon.... Water is starting to warm up.....

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Thanks for all the comments guys.

Poddy Trapper - we did joke about it being a mini GT or a little kingy before we got to see what it was. As for registering him on the site - will do so in time when he's a little bit older methinks. The FOTM prize is looking very attractive I must say ...

IVZ350 - my biggest trev is 46cm. No. 1 son holds the record for flattie and now trevally as well. It fought really hard and we were fishing 1-3kg rods with 4lb line.

Blackfishfishing - we did not keep the big one. All fish that No. 1 son caught were released - that's his 'thing' and he believes that's what allows him to catch bigger fish than me.

Breambucket - the weather was beautiful on Sunday. The fish were quite dispersed actually and it took a while to locate the school and then they moved on pretty quickly as well.

Swordie - it's pretty clear that my fishing is about my family eh? Not the same without them around to share in the ups and downs. My next goal is to get my wife into the action as well. Look out for future posts ...

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