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Where To Place A Second Battery


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Hi Guys , I am looking for somewhere to mount a deep-cycle battery on my 400 hornet trophy. The spots that look the most likley are the esky/bin at the bow or use the existing battery compartment and shift the cranking battery to the back right corner? Has anyone fitted a second battery to thier hornet? any help would be great. thanks Brett

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Just noticed your post. I have the Stacer 439 Barra Elite, VERY similar boat (made in same factory) but the poor mans cousin to the quintrex.

Having the minn kota as well at the bow, I was using the battery in a battery box on the floor, a real pain. Boat went in for a recent service, so I asked them to run wiring from the rear of the boat to a minn kota plug at the front near the electric. Asked them to put the 130amp electric battery in the rear left battery compartment and the smaller cranking battery in the rear right. Ended up having to do it myself, but works perfectly, nicely balanced and batteries both secure and I think the strongest part of the boat.

Did not bother with VSR's etc. Cranking battery is charged via engine, maintained at home with charger.

Electric battery is also maintained/charged with charger at home.

I could probably post some pictures if you want.

Good luck with it all.



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Thanks Rob for the reply ,I had a better look at my options to-day and I don't think I can Fit a battery in down the back of the boat unless I sacrifice the live bait tank.The fuel tank Is in the left side (probably not a good idea to slot a battery in next to Fuel) and the livebait tank is on the right side,there is some space next to it ,but there is a structural brace for the deck that won't allow me to drop a battery in there either.The kill tank/esky at the front has a flat recess moulded into the plastic bin ,so I will slot a battery into there until I find a better option . cheers

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